More About Me

My Story


I spent the first 18 years of my life in a small town in Alberta not far from Edmonton.  Since 2007 I have called Quebec home. I moved here here after graduating from university and spending a year teaching English in China. My three children were born here and it is because of them and my various birth experiences (positive and negative) and that I became more interested in working with birth.


I love my community and am specifically passionate about new moms. A lot of my volunteer work is focused here. I feel deeply called to support, love and care for women (and their families) as they journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood. I trained to become a doula after the birth of my third child and found it is an amazing opportunity for me to combine my passion for families and my love of biology and birth.  


Becoming a parent is a challenge and it can feel lonely so much of the time. I hope I can be there to make the ride smoother, clearer and more graceful.


Professional Trainings 
MotherWit trained (2016) & certified (2017) birth and postpartum doula
Member of the ACNN (Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada)
Nourri Source marraine 2010-2019
Adult & Infant CPR
Child Passenger Safety Technician 2016 onward
Spinning Babies Workshop 2017
Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss 2018
Childbirth Educator 2020
Fun facts
  • I have visited every continent except Antarctica

  • I lived and worked in China for a year right out of university

  • I started driving at age 14 (when I was living in Alberta that was the age at which you could get a Learners permit) 

  • I enjoy martial arts and have taken kung fu and kick-boxing in the past

  • I need to bake at least once a week

  • I volunteer teaching kids and I co-lead a mom's social group

  • My first job was as an assistant at a veterinary clinic

  • I loved biology and chemistry in high school and considered becoming a veterinarian

  • I taught swimming lessons and worked as a lifeguard for 2 years

  • I'm an early bird, not a night owl

  • My favourite colour is yellow

  • My first pet was an angry cat named Buttons and my current fur baby is named Frumpkin

  • I love the mountains


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