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Doughnuts and doulas

This doula enjoys doughnuts. When I was in elementary school and growing up in Alberta, the Time Horton's in our city had a specialty doughnut called a bowtie. It was long, chocolate-glazed and covered in a thick layer of (fake) whipped cream and adorned with multi-coloured sprinkles. They cost 75 cents while "normal" doughnuts cost 30 cents. They were a big deal.

Looking back I'm a little grossed out that I loved them so much and a little bit envious of that girl who was able to convince her mom to buy her that extra large, extra glorious treat on so many occasions. I don't often buy doughnuts these days, but when I do I choose a classic chocolate or maple glazed one and I enjoy every sugar-laden bite.

I have a slight problem when I eat doughnuts, however. I get funny looks. Why? Because I eat my doughnuts a little differently than most- upside down.

I don't remember a time when I didn't flip my doughnut over to start with the the fluffy dough. Even when I ate those whipped cream-covered bowties as a kid I'd lick off the sprinkles and cream before flipping it over to consume it from the bottom up. I like leaving the icing for last, with just a hint of doughnut left inside.

When I started my training to become a doula I realized that I'm not really the typical "type" of person who is drawn to the profession. And I'll admit that it bothered me more than a little bit. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that was okay. And then I came to the conclusion that it was more than okay; it was good. Why? We're all different. We all need different support during birth and in our postpartum period. The doula that's right for your best friend, neighbour, or work collegue might not be the best doula for you.

And let's face it, life would be boring is everyone ate their doughnuts the same way.

Stefanie is a birth and postpartum doula & the founder of Karis Doula

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