"Wow! Stefanie was an absolute gem. From the moment we welcomed her into our home, we had a genuine rapport with. Dedicated, well educated, experienced and full of heart, she was a tremendous support system during our very long labor.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for being a positive team member on our new addition to life. You will be highly recommended."

Jenny, Danny & Ariel

"Having Stefanie by my side for the birth of my daughter was the best decision I could have made....
She was incredibly, supportive, helpful, confident and comforting. Her priority was making sure I was comfortable and encouraging me with my birth choices. I really felt like the combined support of her and my husband was what encouraged me to keep going without painkillers. I cannot imagine having a natural delivery without the support of a Doula. I would highly recommend Stefanie to anyone who may be considering hiring a doula. I am truly grateful."


Nadia 3.jpg

"At first, I was reluctant to enlist the services of a doula. I was expecting twins and knew almost with certainty that I was having a C-section. I kept thinking that there would be nothing for her to do because it was going to be so clinical. WRONG!!!

Right from the beginning, Stefanie made sure to know all my wishes and concerns. When I forgot things because I was overwhelmed, she was right there to remind me. Also, she made sure that I was well informed on every aspect of the delivery and recovery. After they were born, it was she that sent my hubby to the nursery to take pictures of the twin that couldn't stay with us right away. She took care of me, talked to me, respected me and gave me so much confidence. When I struggled, she was just a call away with the information I needed. Her post-partum services at home were just so helpful in getting us on our feet to start a new family routine. Stefanie was an invaluable part of our birth story and I highly recommend you include her in yours too!"



"Stefanie helped me to relax -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was there to care for baby when I needed some sleep, she was there for a chat while I nursed, and she seemed to have this light-hearted humour that would keep things positive and make me laugh at things I had perhaps been taking a little too seriously. As a surviving mother herself, just her presence and stories of how she problem-solved reminded me that things do work out in the end! You just sometimes need a little help and encouragement!"



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"Stefanie is an incredible doula. For us, the birth did not go as planned and things got difficult. At that point, we were so grateful that we hired her. I was on a lot of pain from strong pitocin contractions for several hours. My husband and Stefanie worked restlessly together to try to ease the pain. Then when things were calmer after I took the epidural, she offered him to go to sleep and stayed with me (we had several things to check, as I was having antibiotic treatment). She help me through the pushing stage and everything that happened from then. After all was over, my husband had to go to the nursery with the baby and it was her who helped me gather my things and get settle in the postpartum room at 4am. She took care of everything. She stayed until she was sure that everything was alright. We saw her a couple of days after the birth. She wrote us an amazing letter stating everything that happened during the birth. She also helped with breastfeeding and with finding the right resources to help us afterward. After that, she kept checking up with me every now and then to make sure everything was going alright. For sure, this birth would not have been the same without her. I recommend her services without any hesitation. I would also like to say that having a doula is so important, even if giving birth with a midwife because you never know how things will unfold."


"Stefanie created  a calming environment and helped me to relax and focus."



"Although initially hesitant about enlisting the help of a doula for my birth, my husband’s enthusiasm about the idea persuaded me to give it a try. I’m SO GLAD we did! Having Stefanie present at my birth made a huge difference. She did an amazing job with all the things you would expect a doula to do – encouraging me during the labour, coaching my husband to better support me and tending to some of my non-clinical needs, like getting drinks and such. And then there was everything else that I didn’t expect – things like taking photos for us during the labour and birth!

The conversations I had with Stefanie leading up to my birth gave me the confidence to embrace labour when it started. In the weeks after the birth of my beautiful daughter, Stefanie was always available to take my calls and help reassure me through my breastfeeding concerns and baby questions. Stefanie is such a caring and genuine person – exactly what you would want in a doula. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services!"



"When I decided that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth, I knew that I wanted to work with a doula and after some research and some interviews, Stefanie was far and away the doula for me. I feel like we clicked right away and Stefanie really put me at ease with her knowledge and genuine caring demeanor. My husband was skeptical at first but after the first meeting with Stefanie he quickly got on board. We planned a calm and relaxed birth using many different methods of pain management like a birth ball, a bath tub, certain stretches and positions and even this funky blanket that would be wrapped around my hips to jiggle! Stefanie was so patient with my many questions and with my weeks of false labour and false alarms. She always had time to answer my questions and never made me feel silly for asking. When it was finally go-time, all our plans went right out the window. Rather than a slow first labour I had a fast and furious birth that was entirely back labour - I was not prepared for this and neither was my husband! I could barely walk, never mind sit on a birthing ball or get into a bath tub! I really don't know how we would have handled this very unexpected and fast-paced situation if not for Stefanie's calm and nurturing presence. I think she reassured my husband as much as me! Stefanie was absolutely incredible through my entire labour and pushing process, and once my son was born and in my arms, she took some very beautiful and meaningful pictures that brought tears to my eyes when I finally had the chance to look at them. I would not hesitate to recommend Stefanie's doula care to any woman; she really made a huge difference in my birth process and I am forever grateful for the compassion and care that she showed throughout my pregnancy and birth."



"Stefanie really helped at the hospital relieve the stress of not only my girlfriend but myself as well, just little things here as well as positive reinforcement before birth during birth and after birth as well.

I look back at my experience and can honestly say we made a great choice having a doula and her presence and knowledge was very helpful during the most important time in both my girlfriends and my own lives. If we were to have another child down the line somewhere there would not be any other way of going through labour,  Stefanie would be there for sure."




"Really happy with Stefanie.  She was amazing with our twin boys."


"Thanks to Stefanie’s help and advice I was able to avoid getting an epidural just as I hoped; if she wasn’t there I would probably have requested it not long after we arrived at the hospital."



"Stefanie made my wife feel more at ease, she did different things to help her feel more comfortable and deal with the pain which I wouldn’t have know to do like massage her or use cold compresses. She helped my wife with breathing through contractions and when she started doing it I saw a big difference in how well she was able to deal with them. Also, I think she just made her feel less afraid of the whole process by being helpful and supportive."